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in the last couple of years we have been busy helping new business owners to come to town and install commercial laundrettes. This in exchange helped us to work in different ways as well. As a result we were learning new skills and could employ and train more young plumbers and gas fitters to learn the ropes.

We were asked all over NZ to help doing just that. Gets to show if you try something new, you can only win.

A very big THANK YOU to all who helped more essential businesses become established, which in turn helped those most in need. 


This year we have been part of the Auckland Homeshow. Our theme was a more commercial one, as we have entered a more commercial arena. We thought large chimney pipes would express this adequately. We are proud to have been part in this event which made us many new business acquaintances and refreshing friendships with other exhibitors from previous years. 


In June 2018 we were installing a large laundromat in Orewa. 12 washing machines had to be connected to fresh and waste water systems.

The dryers we installed are on gas and each had to be connected separately. A large combined flue pipe system, vented the 12 gas dryers safely.

In 2019 we were firmly established business relations with a laundry company, who asked us to do what we are truly masterful at. Meanwhile we have done a number of them. This way we will continue to help establish good quality laundries for the communities.  

Installation of

Rinnai Continuous Hot Water Flow Unit with LPG bottled Gas


Installation of

Central Heating System in a 5-family home


Complete Bathroom Renovation